What do you need to give up to be a better writer?

If you are willing to be a good writer then firstly you must have self-confidence in yourself and should be ready to do sacrifices. If you are not willing to give anything up you can’t be a good writer. Writing is an art and every writer wants to be a good artisan. But just writing some romantic words don’t make you a good writer. Attracting readers with your storyline is quite important than that. So, you must give up using romanticism where it is not required, some stories without having romance in them a
nd having some other genre can be more successful.
A good writer is one who always stays dedicated and consistent with his work. When you write consistently, your skills will surely improve. Hence to be a good writer one must give up his inconsistency and should remain honest with his work. India lacks good writers because everyone who wants to be a good writer always demands approval of their work by fellow mates, if they want to write
something, they trust their companions more than their confidence in own work. One should give up this habit of seeking other’s approval and should trust himself/herself and leave rest among the reviewers to judge their work. You don’t need anyone’s permission to write and publish.
The biggest rival of a good writer is his/her laziness. If you want to be a good writer you must be active, hardworking and sincere to your work. I know most of you will not even complete reading this article because of your laziness but it’ll only drag you and your skills down. You must give up your laziness to be a good writer and thinker. I believe writers have the power to make the readers believe in everything they want. But the thing that stopped them is their excuses. Starting a blog, using different kinds of social media platform to increase own popularity, taking time to outline a book which will be a best seller. These are all excuses, if you want to be a bestselling author, you must give up all these excuses. Do yourself a favour, for next few days just follow above mention tips and write everything you are imagining and then edit and rearrange those texts and I can assure you, that book will going to be a best seller.

Prateek Mundeja

I'm a humanities student with an interest in learning and analytical thinking. I'm 17 years old. I'm a reader and writer by interest. For me a room without books is like a body without a soul.


Books that I want to See as Movies

I believe every movie that comes into life is a story written on pages first.

Reading has been part and parcel of my life since childhood days. I started reading journey construing Tinkle magazines when I was 8 year during my summer vacation trip to my Nani House. It was 3 days train journey and then it became a ritual every vacations.

From reading magazines I moved to super hero stories and then autobiographies, love stories, thriller, self- help books everything gripped my attention.

When I read something good I create an imaginary world of my own but today it is the age of digitalisation. Everything is becoming easy and therefore most of stories are converted into movies already. Watching a movie is a good idea for non- readers or busy people and also for readers who are so much involved in their characters that they don’t want to miss any follow up stories related to their favourite stories. ( The latter is bookworm like me ) 

Being a booklover reading will always be first for me. However watching movies based on books can count as my second source of entertainment where I judge my imaginary skills and think is it the same world that I created in my thoughts while reading which the director borne in movie?

Here are a few of my favourite books which I want to see as movies in the nearly future –

1. Becoming by Michelle Obama – I read this autobiography recently and enjoyed reading the story of Michelle as a fighter since childhood.

  1. The Fault In Our Stars ( with Indian Cast ) 
  1. Ruskin Bond books – I believe Ruskin Bond books on children and life can bring out great movies. His books always takes me close to nature, makes me notice the beauty around me which is ignored by many of us.
  1. Roald Dahl Books – Again I love children books. It is my favourite genre and I want to see their fiction turned into movie. He was a Magical writer.
  1. Life Is What You Make It By Preeti Shenoy – Books on self-help can make out good movies because reading a book when stressed isn’t always easy. 
  1. Shiva Trilogy and Shree Ram Chandra series by Amish Tripathi – I believe like Bahubali these series can be converted into blockbuster movies by Bollywood if used as wisely and creativity as written by the author. 

There are a lot more books which would make good movies; the list is never ending so I am just summing up the post sharing few of my favourite movies based on books. These are A Walk to Remember, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Fault In Our Stars, Matilda etc.

Dixita Mour

Hello Readers, I am Dixita from Rajasthan. I am post graduated in Business Administration from Rajasthan University. After that I have been blogging since and influencing since 2016. I run on Chai and coffee, my idea of refreshment is reading books, blogging and bookstagramming.