About us

A Vision

The Bookpreneur is a stage for Book-lovers

We aim to provide a stage for the authors and readers to come together to boost the things they love the most.

Our team of creative individuals know how many efforts and care it takes to write, edit and finally publish a book. And we think that it should not be days of hard promotion that should follow, but the time to sit back and relax while the sales and promotions are driven for your book. Our team aims exactly at that.

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What We Do?

Are you an author or a publisher looking for people who can love your books like you do? And also support and nourish them in the same way? Then, this is the place!

With our team of reviewers and experienced promoters, we have all the tools, from reviews to personalized promotions, to help your book take a good flight in this ever-growing world of books.


Get to know the individuals who power Bookpreneur

As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for books and doing excellent work. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to our projects and the results it delivers. Also, we are fun loving and creative people just like you guys. So, do drop a message, we would love to connect.


Uday veer Singh

Writer at some nights, designer at others, he's an entrepreneur who loves to read, write and explore.
He finds pleasure in experimenting & learning about businesses and writing projects.
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Muskaan Premchandani

She can jump from reading books to a balance sheet anytime. One part of her is a dedicated entrepreneur other is a hard-working Accountant. She spends the good part of her quality time reading or playing her ukulele.