Audiobooks vs Physical Books

Listening or reading a book are two different paths that leads to the same destination. Both if then have there own importance. 
Here, let us just not compare them and just talk about both good and bad sides of each of them.
Is listening to Audiobooks beneficial? What do you generally prefer? Audiobooks or the physical ones?
The first and foremost point that strikes my mind is:


While reading a book, we sometimes get caught up with some words which are difficult to pronounce. But audiobooks solve this problem easily.

The Book Lovers' Things:

The most exciting thing about being a book lover is purchasing a new book and smelling that aroma while having a cup of coffee. Audiobooks at some extent lacks that excitement.


Here, definitely audiobooks wins over the physical ones. You can have excess to audiobooks wherever and whenever you want. Just take an example, you can listen to a audiobook while driving or while cooking and hence, utilizing your time. For reading a physical book, you have to leave the other chores and concentrate at one thing at a time, that is, sit and read while hurting your back.

Concentration and Listening Power:

Listening audiobooks at starting needs a lot of concentration and good listening power whereas, physical books just require a bit if your concentration. But, don’t worry that just needs a little bit of practice.


Audiobooks are easy to handle as all the stuff is in your phone in some folder or app. Physical books are not that easy to handle as they need a hell lot of care and attention. Also, many of us faces the lack of space for keeping them.

So, for me everything has its own pros and cons and the list goes endless by the point of view of each and every person. Nothing in life is perfect. You have to make it perfect. Audio or physical, the main motive in life is to learn and both helps us to achieve that. They are just the medium of making the learning process exciting.
What are you waiting for? Go grab your earphones or the pretty little happiness (physical book) from the table.

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Anushka Sharma

I am a medical student. I am 18 years old and books are love. Apart from books, I love dogs. I do author interviews and write book reviews too. The quote that I always like to pen is: CREATE YOUR DESTINY.

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