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Saurab Kumar – Author Interview

Our team is proud to announce that we had a chance to work with author Saurab Kumar during the promotion of his book, All the Pretty Girls. During the same, we got a chance to get our team’s questions answered about his book. 

His answers have left us in awe and has even inspired the writers in our team. We hope you find them enjoyable as well.

What would be, according to you, three elements that make a story worth reading?

Conflict, simplicity, humor.

What is your personally best way to get ideas for writing?

If you are open, they come to you. Every writer usually has a couple of stories going on in their heads. If you really pay attention to the world, you will hear, see things that might connect the dots for your story. I have also notice if you are already working on the story, the more you work the more ideas come to you.

Do you believe in Writer’s Block? How would you suggest getting over it?

No I don’t believe in Writer’s Block. I do believe in that  you can’t pour from an empty vessel. So if you have hit a wall in your writing, chances are you need to refuel. Whether by reading more books for cross references or to get inspiration or just to learn. Maybe you need to tend to your life outside of writing, if there is a matter that needs attention. There are also instances I have noticed, when there is something I have written that is not sitting well and I need to go over it again. Usually fixing that gets me back on track.

Do you think that writing will continue to be a worthy profession even with the digital world developing so fast?

Absolutely. Digital world is just another medium for telling your stories. Storytelling is part of human communication. As long as we as humans are here, Storytelling will be here.

Which your favorite book/book series? Has it affected your writing in any way?

I did a lot of theatre and hence read a lot of plays. So it’s mostly been American plays from Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neal, David Mamet.

When did you first realize that you have a power of language and storytelling?

People told me growing up. I never believed them. I took it more as a compliment, than something to work towards. It is only after I wrote ‘All the Pretty Girls’ that I realized or believed it.

What did you edit out of All the Pretty Girls?

There were few moments in Ifran’s workplace that really didn’t need to be there. A lot of the story changed from the first draft. I mean that is bound to happen. We start writing because we have a story inside of us. But as we write, the characters take on their own journey. It is good to follow them and see where they lead us and not be rigid to the outline.

What’s the story behind the monotone cover of the book?

Haha. I wanted a simple cover, but a great deal of focus and detail on the protagonist.

How do you come up with character names? Are their names or personalities inspired by real people?

I go with a feel. What the person feels like. Does he feel like a Brad or a Tom. Incase of Jenna and Ifran, their interview scene was the first thing I wrote. And I didn’t know there names yet. So Ifran was Interviewer and Jenna D was Defendant. And to make things simpler,  I used I in short for interviewer and D in short for Defendant. It was way later I put names to them, I stuck with I and D. But their names play a part in the story.

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

The readers won’t know what they want if I as writer don’t know what I want. So of course the former.


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