Goodreads vs Bookstagram (Instagram) | Which is the Ideal Platform for the Book Lovers?

Being book lovers we all want to interact with people who have same interests and want to know about more and more books. Goodreads and Instagram are some beautiful apps which helps us in interacting with people and discovering more about books.

People do use twitter and Facebook but Goodreads and bookstagram are specially for book lovers.
Being a book lover, I personally prefer Instagram over Goodreads. The pretty pictures and captions always fascinates me. I joined Bookstagram much earlier than goodreads ( came to know about goodreads from bookstagram only). Bookstagram, it is way much easier to interact with people and share your views about a particular book or a genre. We can express our thoughts easily and also come to know about other person’s opinion. The thing that I didn’t like about bookstagram is that, if you know how to click pretty pictures and write an eye catching yet genuine caption you win the show. The people with knowledge and genuine readers sometimes loose. Also, it is really hard to catch up with the algorithm and gives you a complex that your content is not better. Always remember one thing, you are not here for followers. This is a beautiful community and you are here to share the happiness and love for books.

On the other hand we have Goodreads. For knowing the genuine review about a particular book I visit their. You can make your personal goals that you want to achieve in a year and you really feel motivated as they are public and the other person can them. Goodreads also gives you a reviewer ranking which is really helpful sometimes but yeah, if it’s in hundreds you feel complex again and it’s not that comfortable to interact with people.
Goodreads or Bookstagram, the love for books are eternal. Both are ideal platforms for a book lover as all we need is books.

Anushka Sharma

I am a medical student. I am 18 years old and books are love. Apart from books, I love dogs. I do author interviews and write book reviews too. The quote that I always like to pen is: CREATE YOUR DESTINY.

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