Heal & Deal | How should authors deal with Bad Reviews?

Reviews, why are they so important? What is the real difference between a bad review and a good one? Being a writer, the most important thing is to connect with the readers at a personal level. Reviews tells you that how much you were able to connect as they are the point of view of an individual. Good or bad each review is important for a writer, for their development.

Why do you always feel that rage and anger when you see a bad one? The reason behind this is that our brain is designed to do so. It distinguishes good or bad reviews as good or bad news as allows you to behave accordingly. So, now lets come to the point; how should authors deal with Bad Reviews?

It is not only you.

The most important thing in this field is to know that you are not alone. There are many bestsellers with some bad reviews. Not sure? Go find them in amazon. Lemme give you an example, just have a look at “THINK AND GROW RICH” by Napoleon Hill #1 Bestseller. Out of 4,330 reviews, 9% of them has three star or less rating. But still it is a #1 Bestseller.

What I think of all the Good Reviews? | The Reality

The thing is that, when I find a book with 500 reviews and all good ones, the first thing that strikes on my mind is that they are fake or the author must be a rich guy/girl who can afford a hell lot of fake reviews. Maybe, he/she was just flattering a lot of family, friends and relatives. That’s something that no author would want their readers to think.

Acceptance is the Key

Responding to bad reviews just raises controversies. Try to accept the criticism. Moving on and acceptance are very much important for day to day lives. You are not writing to make friends. You are doing this for you.

The Sadness

Nothing is bad in getting a bad review. You just need to understand that each and every person has his/her point of view and accept the fact that your writing cannot please everyone. Also tell me one thing that, do you like every book that you read?

Bad Reviews can be Motivating & Inspiring

In spite of sitting and getting angry, try to work on it. Analyse each and every review carefully. There might be some elements that can actually improve the quality of your writing and your book.

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