How To Find Time For Reading In The Binge Culture?

Ask anyone whether they would prefer to binge watch a new show or read a book and almost everyone will go with the former. Even avid readers can get lost in the world of binge-watching and end up abandoning their books. In today’s hectic life it is difficult to carve out some me time and even during that little time most people gravitate towards watching something than reading, partly because of the fact that when others are talking about the latest season of Stranger Things they feel left out and partly because watching something can be less taxing on the mind than reading a book.
Nevertheless one shouldn’t abandon their reading and if you are one of those people who recognise this and want to actively work towards increasing your reading time, here’s what you can do. Whenever you feel like watching a show tell yourself you’ll click that play button after you’ve read your book for 10 minutes. Sometimes you get so engrossed into the book you’ll forget wanting to watch that show at all! And even if you don’t at least you got in those 10 minutes of reading. Every little bit counts. 
And let’s be honest here, verry few of us have an unlimited data or wifi to binge watch all those shows. Why not save those MBs and GBs and go read for a while? 
Another great tip is to read the book before you watch the movie or show. These days so many book to movie or show adaptations are coming up and becoming popular that it’s impossible to avoid them! Pick a show and look up the book it has been adapted from and go read it first. That way not only will you be able to watch the show but also get some reading done. There’s also the fact that reading the book before binge-watching will give you more of an insight into the themes and characters and you will be less confused and excited to see the characters you had read about play out on the screen.
Don’t feel guilty of binge-watching, it’s okay to do that every once in a while. Both reading and binge watching can go hand in hand if you are clever and resourceful. You can read a book while commuting to work or school or college and then binge watch on the weekends. Just remember to maintain this healthy balance in your life!

Charvi Koul

Charvi is an introverted book blogger with a flair for writing and unending love for fictional characters. She is a huge psychology enthusiast and loves to paint or go out for a swim. You will usually find her day dreaming about books, plotting stories in her head, blogging away or trying to escape certain death by her stack of unread books.

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