How to Make Time for Reading every day?

There are lots of stuff a person wants to do regularly but always fails to pursue it. Reading is among them which one constantly plan to do regularly but somehow it can’t be done. Former US President, Barack Obama has once said that Reading taught him who he is and what he believes in. This is how the greatest people on the earth defines reading to them. Even the world’s busiest personalities make time to read books daily. Reading boosts one brain’s functioning, increases creativity, helps you grow your understanding and reduces stress. Such is the power of books.
To make a habit of reading one must set some realistic goals, it may vary from 10-12 books a year to 10-15 minutes a day. Having lower goals on a daily basis helps a reader to always make time for reading regularly and this eventually generates his or her interest in everyday reading. This consistent reading habit also makes a reader keen to even read a small part if he or she can’t find a time that day, this ensures reading as a real priority. Reading is great for relaxation but only if you
read in your comfort time period. Some prefer to read late night; some prefer early morning reading. So, choosing the time period in which one felt comfortable will automatically generate time for him or her reading every day. Technology if used wisely can greatly improve one’s habit of regular reading if we used his or her travelling or free time by reading e-Books. This is extremely useful in filing spare time while waiting for appointments, teachers in the classroom or anywhere else. And to avoid the distractions from social media and emails notifications, one can read a downloaded book and turn on the aeroplane mode to check the messages from the world of the social internet and utilize his time in a right manner along with making his way for everyday reading. Healthy competition always brings out best from yourself. This also works in making you read a book every day. If you have a reading partner and you both are good competitors, you will encourage yourself and your partner both to read more often and in good amount. You both can choose a similar book each week and mutually decide a deadline to complete it and discuss it once finished. It will be fun and competition
both at the same time and will surely enhance your everyday reading habit.
Reading has a significant number of benefits and regular reading have even more. If you want to be one of the few great personalities of the world then you must have a habit of reading every day. This will surely help you to bring the best out of you.

Prateek Mundeja

I'm a humanities student with an interest in learning and analytical thinking. I'm 17 years old. I'm a reader and writer by interest. For me a room without books is like a body without a soul.

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