The Tool that Every Writer Needs: Grammarly

Being a writer can be a tough job with a lot to wonder and create. Discovering prompts, working on ideas and tiring hours of research are just a few of the list of tasks any writer would need to perform to complete any of their projects. 

That’s why there is a perfect tool out there to make at least, one important task very easier: Editing. Grammarly is a free tool with a worthy premium version that’ll not only help you with grammar and spelling but even gives suggestions on the word usage and composition. These unique features make it a personal favourite of our team.


I had used the free version for a while before getting the premium version and in this article, I’ll be recommending both. For grammar and spell check, the free version is really impressive even with its limitations. However, if you are a serious writer or even a student, the premium version is the way to go which, yearly would be less than half of most writers’ coffee budget. 

Not to forget, you can even judge this article since it was written with the help of Grammarly.

Its basic features can be listed as:

  • Contextual Grammar and Spell Check to ensure that your words suit the profile of your work.
  • Composition Suggestions to level up your writing as per your audience’s requirements.
  • Plagiarism Checker to check if your content is original enough.
  • It is compatible with your phone’s keyboard, browsers and MS Word.
  • Style and vocabulary hints are also available for the ones who require them.

So, if you are eager to polish your writings, tap the banner below and enter the world of Grammarly right now!


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