Tips To Stay True To Your Reading Resolution

So you’ve made a resolution to read more books. Even if it isn’t New Year’s Eve you will certainly find yourself to be sharing this resolution with countless other people all over the world. And whether this is day 1 or day 100 you’ll realise that keeping up with your reading resolution is far easier said than done.
As an avid reader I’m here to help you out by giving you 5 easy tips that you can follow to keep up with your reading resolution.

Read what you want to read

If you’re a new reader the worst thing you can do is pick up a classic novel or a book on business management just because someone told to. I don’t mean to say that you won’t be able to read such books but you might just get bored of it much more quickly because you’re reading it on someone else’s recommendation who only told you to read it because¬† it is the ‘sophisticated’ choice.
Ask yourself what you really want to read about and then pick up a book that corresponds with what you wish to read. In the book community we never discriminate readers based on their choice of books.

10 Minutes at a time

Whenever you find some free time on your hands you’re likely to gravitate towards your twitter app or the new season of Stranger Things. Every time this happens tell yourself that you’ll pick up your gadgets later. Force yourself to read something for just 10 minutes before doing anything else. It is likely that in those 10 minutes you’ll get engrossed in your book and will continue reading along. And even if that doesn’t happen, at least you clocked in 10 minutes.

No need to keep an hourly goal

Most people will keep a daily goal of an hour of reading. And as is the case with every goal they’ll start slacking. They might just get in half an hour of reading one day and 10 minutes the other. Then their treacherous brain will say what is the point if I can’t read for an hour every day? Let me just abandon this resolution.¬†
It’s important to remember the saying ‘every drop counts’. It’s okay if you get in less reading time some days and none on others. That doesn’t mean you should give up. Take it from me, even the most voracious readers may not get the time to read every single day and that’s okay. What matters is your progress, not the ups and downs during the process.

Try audiobooks

If you’re a person who just gets stuck staring at a single page for hours and hours without getting anywhere or someone who after working long hours staring at a computer screen can’t bare to read a single word, you should try out audiobooks. Some people find it easier to listen to stories than read them, especially when they have control on the speed of the narrator and can find good quality audiobooks with background sounds and different narrators. At that point it’s almost like you’re listening to a movie.

Reward yourself

This goes for any goal or resolution – reward yourself!
If you’ve finished reading a book and find out it has a movie or show adaptation then treat yourself and go watch it. It’s up to yo to find different reward systems and find out which one works for you. The key here is not to overdo it to the point that you’re rewarding yourself more than you’re making progress with your reading.

If you can follow all these tips I’m pretty confident that you’ll be flying through books in no time! But remember to always enjoy the experience and the story of each and every book. Good luck!

Charvi Koul

Charvi is an introverted book blogger with a flair for writing and unending love for fictional characters. She is a huge psychology enthusiast and loves to paint or go out for a swim. You will usually find her day dreaming about books, plotting stories in her head, blogging away or trying to escape certain death by her stack of unread books.

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