Why Getting Reviews From Book Lovers is Important for Authors?

A book review can be a critical analysis or summarize the text of the book. They are basically written opinions by the Book Lovers for a particular book. They can be written by either professional reviewers or some of the readers of that book. They can be long, descriptive in nature or brief and little and can be written in various forms. Every reader has a different kind of thinking after reading a book. Hence, when each and every type of reader reads a book, it creates lots of opinions and different views on the same book making it more valuable for the other readers to decide whether they want to read that book or not. These reviews from a variety of readers made it worthier, and also attracts many other readers to read that book.

Book reviews help a lot to the Authors to attract audience towards their book, as a reader will definitely get attracted to a book with great and to the point reviews. It took just a few seconds for a reader to judge a book by its review. Book reviews give books greater publicity than any other mode of advertisement. More reviews and specifically good reviews from Book Lovers give a book a greater chance of getting found by more readers. The bookstores too prefer selling a book with good reviews and greater visibility which greatly add on in the author’s value too. Book reviews also save a reader’s time, as a reader can predict what he will find in that book and make him feel more connected with that particular book by reading the review of that book.

The presence of book reviews can help an Author to know his best points, in which he has mastery and along with that he also came to know about his weakness and errors in his work. It gives him endless opportunities to improve himself as a writer. Book reviews increase the worth of a book as well as of its Author. It provides a lot of points the author can introduce or remove from its work. A genuine review provides an insight into the author in his work and where he is lacking behind. It also provides some basic stuff like text and quality check along with the depth analysis for the Author. An author can also get the opinion and views of the general public on his book and get to know his audience more closely through these reviews. These reviews are the soul of the book and its Author. Last but not least, A good and sympathetic review is always a wonderful gift an Author can ever achieve from Book Lovers.

Prateek Mundeja

I'm a humanities student with an interest in learning and analytical thinking. I'm 17 years old. I'm a reader and writer by interest. For me a room without books is like a body without a soul.

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