Raleigh/Durham’s top night-time talk show host, Stan the Man is no stranger to the overabundance of female camaraderie that his local celebrity has given him. With his dashing smile and perfectly sculpted Italian features, Stanley has never had an issue with whatever any woman deemed herself having reason enough to get into bed with him in an effort to capture a time-capsule of pleasure, lust or to simply get away from whatever was bothering her for the moment. Regardless of her marital status, Stanley maintains the mindset of, if she asked for it when she was going to get it. While this concept works for him, it does not exactly fit the goals that he has for his baby sister, Marissa. An absolute knock out of a woman, she could have any man of her choice, per her older brother.

Only for the past couple of relationships, she has exercised her option to deal with only married men. Knowing that Marissa is breaking their mother’s heart, this has Stanly’s boxer briefs in a bunch. It’s not that he doesn’t understand but he refuses to receive that this is his sister’s truth. Meanwhile, there are five other women around the triangle who have a similar mannerism of being with a married man for their very own different reasons. These reasons are about to meet Stanley on his nightly radio show and will force him to discuss his deepest issue with his little sister and her current relationship with a married man.